Broken Sprinkler Heads

Is your lawn not looking the way you want it to? Even worse, is your water bill too high? This could all be due to one underlying cause: a broken sprinkler head. Below you’ll find a list of what to look for, how to fix it yourself, and when you should call a professional to get your lawn back to being the best looking one in your neighborhood.

Visible signs of malfunctioning sprinkler head include sputtering, dripping, and a buried nozzle.

  • A sputtering or dipping sprinkler head could be the result of a clog. To unclog a sprinkler head, pull up the sprinkler head, secure the base with plyers and unscrew it to remove the nozzle and filter. If you see any debris inside, a simple rinse with running water will do the trick. Replace both the filter and nozzle and your once-clogged sprinkler head will work like new.
  • If this doesn’t fix the problem, try checking for a broken control valve. The first step to take when searching for a broken valve is to inspect each valve at the main sprinkler system located near the water main at the side of your home. Gently tap on each valve and listen for a rattling sound. A rattling sound will indicate that the external plastic material of the valve is making contact against the internal plastic. Little or no sound could indicate that the plastic is surrounded by water and might be a sign that your valve is broken and possibly leaking.
  • A buried sprinkler head that is overgrown by dirt, grass and weeds can lead to inefficient water use and raise your water bill. Since many sprinkler heads contain metal parts, a metal detector can be used locate a buried sprinkler head if you’re having trouble finding exactly where it is. Once located, you can easily remove anything that might be obstructing the waterflow.

Ideally, you’ll want to take on preventative maintenance to help weed out as much of these issues as possible. Here’s how.

  • Check your sprinkler heads a few times a week for overly wet areas near and around sprinkler heads
  • Tighten loose screws you might find on sprinkler heads and at the main control system
  • When your sprinkler system turns on, take some time to observe each head for proper operation
  • Take care when mowing/trimming around sprinkler heads.
  • Briefly turn your sprinkler system on after mowing to check for any possible signs of breakage that may have occurred and to flush out any yard debris that could have entered a sprinkler head while mowing.

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