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Irrigation Wet Check Special

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Every Irrigation System Wet Check is performed by the owner, Peter Masi.


As a fully licensed and insured irrigation contractor, Peter believes in meeting and getting to know the customers in person. His commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets Greenstar Irrigation apart from the competition. When it comes to your Irrigation System, you want a professional on the job.

Our Irrigation System Wet Check Includes Our Signature 7-Point Tune-Up

As part of your Irrigation System Wet Check, the owner, Peter Masi, will perform a signature 7-point irrigation tune-up. Our 7-point irrigation tune-up includes*:


  • Inspection of sprinkler system
  • Check for buried heads
  • Check for breaks in the lines
  • Check all valves
  • Check for damaged heads
  • Check and set timer
  • Check pump station and master zone valve

*Max 5 zones serviced. Additional zones $10 each.

What to Expect with an Irrigation System Wet Check

A Wet check is performed as a diagnostic to ensure that any deficiencies with your irrigation systems are caught and repaired before they develop into bigger and more costly issues. When receiving an Irrigation System Wet Check it is important to understand the process. Our tune-up includes the following steps:

  • Timer Check – We always start by checking your timer and how many zones you have. Then we ensure that the watering program/schedule is functioning correctly. We next set the clock and program the watering schedule to the most efficient time schedule to maximize its potential. We then run your system one zone at a time to ensure that everything is performing properly. This includes inspecting the head placement, layout, and the types and sizes of the nozzles as well as to look for any red flags.
  • Pump Check – A frequent source of system problems is the pump. We run a diagnostic on your pump to determine if it is working correctly. Often, pumps suffer from losing their ‘prime’ which means the pump is working but without emitting water.
  • Details – Finally, we look at other common issues. For example, you may have multiple electrical valves running at the same time. Sometimes index valves do not switch from zone to zone, which could mean that they are clogged with debris and may need to be serviced. Your watering system is complicated and should be dealt with by licensed professionals. An Irrigation System Wet Check requires experience and attention to detail in order to ensure you are diagnosing the exact problem correctly to avoid unexpected expenses.

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"Excellent work as always!!"

"Peter saved us having a major pump failure. His team followed up Monday, moving irrigation lines, install 100% all new heads of all times and heights and balancing the system. I could not be more pleased with how diligent, professional and detail oriented the team was. I'm now confident my system is properly watering per the needs of each type of landscaping. I also signed up for the Gold Maintenance package to have them check the system every quarter. I would HIGHLY suggest you work with him "

"Peter M of Greenstar landscaping and irrigation took care of our sprinkler system a couple of weeks ago. His service was outstanding. We had several broken sprinkler heads, water deprived areas of our lawn and garden and other maintenance issues. Peter responded quickly to my call, within several hours by coming to our property, spending time looking everything over and giving me a verbal quote for the work. I felt very comfortable with Peter and his team of workers. They were very professional."

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