Pump Stations

Pump Stations

The pump station is the central hub of your sprinkler system and just like anything else, it will need routine maintenance to stay in top shape. Even when well cared for, malfunctions are still possible. So here are a few tricks to keep your pump station in good working order and some troubleshooting tips for when your pump station malfunctions. Possible malfunctions:

My pump occasionally loses prime

To prime your pump, first turn the power off. Use a wrench to remove the prime plug. Using a garden hose, fill the pump case to the very top and replace the plug using the wrench again to secure the plug very tightly. Turn the power back on and your pump should prime as normal within one minute.

My pump starts and stops

Your pump might be operating at a voltage that is too high or too low than necessary. The motors that operate pump stations can be either single voltage or dual voltage motors. Simply be sure that your motor is connected to the correct voltage.

My pump won’t start

If your pump won’t start, first do a simple inspection to be sure that everything is plugged in properly and that your circuit breakers haven’t been tripped for any reason. If everything checks out, then your starter may be damaged and might need to be replaced or repaired.

Greenstar Irrigation offers diagnostic and seasonal sprinkler services to keep your sprinkler system strong and efficient, cutting watering costs and keeping your landscaping beautiful. Contact us today and give us a try at 305-661-6958.


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