Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair

Need sprinkler repair in the Miami-Dade area? Greenstar Irrigation can do most repairs same or next day. Give us a call and we'll give you a quote.

Having a sprinkler system is vital to keeping your lawn looking healthy but what happens if your sprinkler system needs repair? Let’s take a look at some of the possible malfunctions and how to go about addressing them:

The water pressure from my sprinklers is very low.

To get your water flowing the way you want it to, try checking the valves on the backflow device located directly near your house; they may not be completely open or not open at all. Slowly turn the valves on the backflow device clockwise to regain water pressure.

Check for broken heads. Many times there is a broken sprinkler head in the zone of low water pressure allowing water to flow out and not being able to fully actuate the remaining sprinklers in the watering zone.

The water from my sprinklers isn’t reaching far enough

To adjust the distance on your sprinkler head, first locate the nozzle that’s giving you trouble. Using the appropriate screwdriver (flathead or Phillip’s head), rotate the center screw to adjust distance as needed. Keep in mind the direction you turn the screw to allow for a change in distance can vary from sprinkler to sprinkler.

My sprinklers are causing my water bill to be too high

Your sprinklers can use up to 12 gallons of water every minute, but there are still steps you can take to ensure that the water used from your sprinkler system isn’t draining your banking account too much.

  • Check for leaks and have them repaired
  • Most sprinkler systems have a control panel where you can make adjustments to individual sprinkler heads. Use the controls to allow more water for certain plants and less water for more general lawn features like grass and trees.
  • Use more efficient soil that will give your lawn necessary nutrients to be healthy and reduce the amount of water necessary for a beautiful lawn.

Greenstar Irrigation offers diagnostic and seasonal sprinkler services to keep your sprinkler system strong and efficient, cutting watering costs and keeping your landscaping beautiful. Contact us today and give us a try.

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