Smart Irrigation

Smart irrigation from Greenstar Landscaping

Greenstar Irrigation can help you get the most efficiency out of your automated irrigation system by installing the newest generation of smart irrigation system (controller).
By doing so, we can help you achieve the following:
  • Reduce your water consumption.
  • Reduce your water bill by as much as 30%.
  • Keep your lawn and landscaping beautiful and healthy.
  • Protect your landscape investment.
  • Conserve water: Help protect the environment and this precious resource.
Greenstar Irrigation can use a variety of Rainbird water smart irrigation products and convert or upgrade your existing system to the newest generation of smart irrigation system.

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Wireless Rain sensorESP-ME3 Digital TimerLNK Wifi Module

Digital conversion

Converting to a digital system allows you to maximize water savings as well as allows you to have real time control over your system via an app on your phone. Converting to a digital system entails the following: replacing your Intermatic timer and index valve with a Rainbird ESP-ME3 digital timer, Rainbird Wireless Rain Sensor, LNK Wifi Module and Rainbird electrical valves. These valves communicate directly with the timer and allow you to control each zone independently, allowing you to control how much and how often you water each zone. This will prevent overwatering and will considerably reduce the amount of water used.

Your water consumption will decrease while your water savings will increase. In addition, the Rainbird wireless rain sensor automatically turns the system off when a certain amount of rainfall has been reached, along with the LNK WIFI module, which allows you to control the system from an app on your phone from anywhere in the world where you have wifi.

Example of Smart Irrigation Setup

Convert from mechanical to digital by installing the newest generation of Rainbird smart irrigation products. Convert from an index valve to individual electrical valves. Above ground and underground valve installation available.

Index ValveIndex valves are activated by sufficient water pressure being turned on and off. Therefore, no electrical wiring is required to the solenoid valve. All that is needed for an indexing valve to operate is a controller to turn on and off the water supply (pump or solenoid).

Electrical ValveAn electrical valve solenoid is turned on and off with an electrical charge. This charge causes a small plunger to release the water into the sprinkler pipes, which makes the irrigation heads pop up out of the ground and spray water.

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Before and After Smart IrrigationBefore and After Smart Irrigation

Before and After Smart IrrigationAbove and Below Ground Valves

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